art of perception

Hey, me again.

I’ve got some more great revelations, partly rediscovered. Maybe you’ve already got this mastered. I don’t.

As I get older I see recurring patterns in my life. Temporary feelings of discouragement are accompanied by bursts of energy, positivity, and determination. Each time I am greeted with light in return. It isn’t luck.

My yoga instructors really inspire me, especially lately. This actually makes a lot of sense, since I am nearing the end of my 30 day yoga challenge. I get sweet reminders every day, it’s pretty great. Two recent teachings resonated with me.

Your world is your mirror. This is not a new concept. The interesting part about this mantra was seeing others as a reflection of yourself. What you interpret speaks volumes about you, and what is going on in your mind. It speaks less about the other person. We live in a judgmental world. I am guilty. We are trained to be so. But what we choose to see is merely a component of how we are feeling. If I am happy, the person walking slow in front of me may be physically struggling, and I am more inclined to help them. If I am in a rush or upset, that same person must not have anywhere important to be. The way you interpret the situation has a profound impact on your mood thereafter, and it will determine the path of each interaction. What you give, you receive. Easy.

Another instructor shed light on our moods being ever-changing, much like the weather. We love labels as a society that craves linearity and organization, but we are not one thing or another. Humans are dynamic. We can wake up happy and be contrary by the afternoon, wake up contrary and be ecstatic in an hour. This fluctuates from moment to moment. Again, not rocket science. You can have a negative moment and turn it positive the next. None of your feelings or moments define you, they are always fluid.

Your mind is yours. All images you see, sounds you hear, pass through your mind to become a feeling. You decide in every moment how things will be.

Much love,

Olivia xx


more than meets the eye

Love yourself.

One scroll through Instagram will present you with this message repeatedly.

Empowering each other is important, self-confidence is an asset, and social media plays a large part in its destruction. However, frequent exposure to this message enables the thought that we have to love ourselves physically. Every. Single. Inch.

Of course, we should promote trying our best to be comfortable in our own skin, treating our body kindly, and being satisfied with the person we see in the mirror. But there is much more to life than physically loving the way you appear to others. It is fine if you don’t like your hair today, or you are not thrilled about the cellulite on your legs.

What we are left with is fake and empty confidence online. It is supporting the idea that you should feel perfect. This is nearly impossible. We all have our good and bad days. Feelings fluctuate.

Finally, you need not discuss the things you physically like or dislike about yourself online. In fact, you don’t have to think about them that much at all.

I hope for an online world that focuses more on real events than obsessing over physical traits.

I strayed away from the original reason I wanted to create this blog. I will be getting back to topics that are important to me, to make my contribution to the Internet something of greater value.

Much love,

Olivia xx

body love

Your body is a vessel. You have likely heard that saying before. Unknowingly, we feel so attached to our physical it becomes taken for granted. We express such gratitude for exterior items that provide us satisfaction, like our favorite food, a warm bath, a new car. Yet for many of us, the very object that is keeping us alive is hated and mistreated.

I am a victim of the same, but re-framing my thinking has helped me appreciate and care for my body more than before. Your body is a vessel for your mind. It allows you to see the world, interact with it, touch and feel it, smell it, taste it. Who are you to hate the very thing that allows you to be anything at all?

Suddenly, taking care of myself became less about looking the part and more about feeling the part. I make an effort to give my body what it needs because I am listening to the way it feels. owe my body that kind of compassion. 

Think of your body as your baby and love it tenderly.

Much love,

Olivia xx

PS – If you want more body positive talk, visit my lady @algeorge14 on Instagram ♥

the perfect lover

I see blog post after blog post about the perfect lover, littered with social expectations that should be an appropriate measure of how much they are or are not into you. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s talk.

First, would you consider yourself to be exactly the same as another person? Likely not. An article written by the intelligent mind of one human will not possibly fit your situation exactly.

It is actually quite soothing to think in the opposite direction. Your lover is not under any obligation to do anything for you or with you. They are an entity of their own. They do not belong to you. Rather, everything they do, they want to do. 

When they pour your favorite cup of coffee or tea in the morning, give you a goodnight kiss, send you a sweet text message, compliment or support you, it is because they love you.

And the gorgeous thing about this way of thinking is you don’t belong to them, either. A relationship is a choice. If we chain ourselves to the long list of responsibilities that come along with modern day monogamy, it becomes a chore.

Enjoy each other. Love one another. That is the point, after all.

Much love,

Olivia xx