rétro chic

Summer of Scout I was lucky enough to partake in a saucy shoot with Scout last week, a mobile boutique that sells unique new and vintage pieces. Her collection is curated for the true fashion kitty with pieces from gucci, prada, levis, ETC (lots and lots more). She sets up shop in a new place every weekend [...]

vie en rose

life in pink. I love carrying my little fisheye lomography camera from Urban Outfitters when I travel or adventure, it makes for a sweet surprise when I get the 35mm film developed. Instant photography is huge right now, along with digital of course. We are so accustomed to seeing the photo directly after it is [...]

bebe reborn

I am always ready for a New Year when it comes. Yearning for the opportunity to set goals and boundaries, and make myself anew. It is as if the clock strikes 12 and my world turns white, rife with opportunity and possibility. I shed the past and look forward to see a bright future; a [...]


As I mentioned in my last post, I recently traveled to Montréal and Toronto. A few places I visited stand out in my mind as exceptional. Here are my favorite food memories bookmarked. --- Montréal Kafein café-bar is a cute and cozy spot on Rue Bishop. Students frequent the upstairs coffee shop (pictured), an atmosphere suitable for [...]

lost and found

I am nearing the end of my travels through Montreal and Toronto, and a recurring thought has crossed my mind - we are a continual work-in-progress. I am, anyway. So, of course, I wrote it down. I hope you enjoy. xx --- Realization. We don't get lost once. It happens over and over and over. [...]


As someone in her 20's, I have been through many phases of life in a short time. It is easy to get swept up in life when you are trying to figure out what you want out of it. It can be confusing and disheartening at times, especially when some paths reveal themselves to be [...]

au revoir doux été

As summer comes to a close, many of us kiss the careless sunny days goodbye with tears in our eyes. I am right there with you. As my farewell to summer I created a mood board, composed of a mixture of images from Tumblr and original images/polaroids. I also compiled some songs that were on [...]