quelle femme

Thrown heavily into the sea. Caught in the undercurrent. Which way is up? Disoriented and confused. Pull at the silks. Toward the gold. Eyes swollen shut. Which way is up? Nobody cares. Society promotes opposition. It demands a different version of you, masking life as competition. It needs you. It needs your tender heart and sweet disposition. It [...]

vie en rose

life in pink. I love carrying my little fisheye lomography camera from Urban Outfitters when I travel or adventure, it makes for a sweet surprise when I get the 35mm film developed. Instant photography is huge right now, along with digital of course. We are so accustomed to seeing the photo directly after it is [...]

au revoir doux été

As summer comes to a close, many of us kiss the careless sunny days goodbye with tears in our eyes. I am right there with you. As my farewell to summer I created a mood board, composed of a mixture of images from Tumblr and original images/polaroids. I also compiled some songs that were on [...]