quelle femme

Thrown heavily into the sea. Caught in the undercurrent. Which way is up? Disoriented and confused. Pull at the silks. Toward the gold. Eyes swollen shut. Which way is up? Nobody cares. Society promotes opposition. It demands a different version of you, masking life as competition. It needs you. It needs your tender heart and sweet disposition. It [...]

civilisation endormie

We live in a sleepy civilization, running on coffee and donuts. The more I go, the more I understand the importance of rest and am baffled by our society's over-appreciation for the workaholic. I have a really difficult time sitting still. I don't take sick days easily, and often head into work sick because I wouldn't know what [...]

art of perception

Hey, me again. I've got some more great revelations, partly rediscovered. Maybe you've already got this mastered. I don't. As I get older I see recurring patterns in my life. Temporary feelings of discouragement are accompanied by bursts of energy, positivity, and determination. Each time I am greeted with light in return. It isn't luck. [...]

more than meets the eye

Love yourself. One scroll through Instagram will present you with this message repeatedly. Empowering each other is important, self-confidence is an asset, and social media plays a large part in its destruction. However, frequent exposure to this message enables the thought that we have to love ourselves physically. Every. Single. Inch. Of course, we should [...]