vie en rose

life in pink.

I love carrying my little fisheye lomography camera from Urban Outfitters when I travel or adventure, it makes for a sweet surprise when I get the 35mm film developed. Instant photography is huge right now, along with digital of course. We are so accustomed to seeing the photo directly after it is taken. I love that I can’t immediately tell how my photos will turn out when I shoot film. It leaves less room for vanity. Some photos turn out great and others are lost in a cloudy abyss. It’s fine because I don’t remember what the photos were anyway. It is super light, small, and a hot fluorescent pink, so I hang it off my purse like an accessory. These snaps are from the last seven months — Montreal, Halifax, and St. John’s, Canada.


Special mention: Newfoundland Camera Imaging for being the go-to location for camera services in NL. They develop my film, carry lots of unique products, and have really cool employees. Ty guys.

Much love,

Olivia xx

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