civilisation endormie

We live in a sleepy civilization, running on coffee and donuts. The more I go, the more I understand the importance of rest and am baffled by our society’s over-appreciation for the workaholic.

I have a really difficult time sitting still. I don’t take sick days easily, and often head into work sick because I wouldn’t know what to do with myself at home alone all day.

We don’t know how to stop. 


The world we live in is expensive and taxing. It will take all of you, if you are willing to surrender yourself. Don’t let it.

I currently work two jobs to afford the extras, beyond the basics. To save my money so it all doesn’t fly out the window with my rent or car insurance. It’s nothing in our society to work 12 hour days (or longer) now though. Most people are doing it. Our society would lead you to believe, the most successful people are doing it. Hustling is prestigious. Only for the strongest. Survival of the fittest.

Well, I think this is backward. Somewhere along the way our basic needs and health were abandoned for some competitive, dog-eat-dog hierarchy that we need to climb in order to reach the top. At the top there is wealth, abundance, and freedom – apparently.


I was listening to a podcast recently that discussed the loss of freedom in an elite, high-paying job. As you gain 0’s on the end of your salary, you gain responsibility and forfeit some flexibility. I’m unsure how much weight should be placed in this assertion, because there are many different job parameters and expectations. However, I think this should be taken from the statement: We are constantly trying to climb a corporate ladder, but it is important to stop and appreciate where you are now.

Be productive when appropriate, but give yourself ample rest. Your body needs it for cell regeneration, and your body is the only reason you are here and able. Consciously think about the number of hours of sleep you are getting and the food you are eating. Fuel your body with raw vegetables rich with vitamins and nutrients rather than grabbing fast food on-the-go.

I recently heard someone say “you can’t pour from an empty cup.” Make time for yourself. Make your health a priority. If you are overworked, quit one thing that isn’t serving you. You are plenty successful, I promise.

Much love,

Olivia xx



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