art of perception

Hey, me again.

I’ve got some more great revelations, partly rediscovered. Maybe you’ve already got this mastered. I don’t.

As I get older I see recurring patterns in my life. Temporary feelings of discouragement are accompanied by bursts of energy, positivity, and determination. Each time I am greeted with light in return. It isn’t luck.

My yoga instructors really inspire me, especially lately. This actually makes a lot of sense, since I am nearing the end of my 30 day yoga challenge. I get sweet reminders every day, it’s pretty great. Two recent teachings resonated with me.

Your world is your mirror. This is not a new concept. The interesting part about this mantra was seeing others as a reflection of yourself. What you interpret speaks volumes about you, and what is going on in your mind. It speaks less about the other person. We live in a judgmental world. I am guilty. We are trained to be so. But what we choose to see is merely a component of how we are feeling. If I am happy, the person walking slow in front of me may be physically struggling, and I am more inclined to help them. If I am in a rush or upset, that same person must not have anywhere important to be. The way you interpret the situation has a profound impact on your mood thereafter, and it will determine the path of each interaction. What you give, you receive. Easy.

Another instructor shed light on our moods being ever-changing, much like the weather. We love labels as a society that craves linearity and organization, but we are not one thing or another. Humans are dynamic. We can wake up happy and be contrary by the afternoon, wake up contrary and be ecstatic in an hour. This fluctuates from moment to moment. Again, not rocket science. You can have a negative moment and turn it positive the next. None of your feelings or moments define you, they are always fluid.

Your mind is yours. All images you see, sounds you hear, pass through your mind to become a feeling. You decide in every moment how things will be.

Much love,

Olivia xx


2 thoughts on “art of perception”

  1. So so true. I try to not judge but I’ve come to realize that usually if I catch judgmental thoughts passing through my mind it typically represents one of my own insecurities. Meditation has done wonders for me. And whenever I face something that would be considered “bad” by most anyone, I try and look at how it can be a good thing. All about perspective! And while it is usually harder to see the silver lining in the moment, with time things begin to make sense. My classic example is a few years ago when my boss was fired. I immediately worried it would have a negative impact on me but instead led to a promotion!


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