bebe reborn

I am always ready for a New Year when it comes. Yearning for the opportunity to set goals and boundaries, and make myself anew. It is as if the clock strikes 12 and my world turns white, rife with opportunity and possibility. I shed the past and look forward to see a bright future; a blank canvas staring back at me.

“What you seek is seeking you.” I entered last year with this quote written on a post-it note pinned to my work computer. I attended a Moksha Yoga class on New Years Eve, and the instructor cited the same quote. Coincidence or not, the universe is a wonderful thing. The energy you put out there is, in fact, received – even when it seems it is not.

A New Year prompts an evaluation of self, striving for the same or different things than the year before. It is important to move upward, but also to understand that you will seem to move backward sometimes. You are always being the best version of yourself if you are always trying, and that is always good enough.

I hope you dream big things for 2018. IMG_8471IMG_8624Thank you so vv much to beautiful Hannah DeBourke for capturing these photos. Dress: Realisation Par Christy Dress in White.


Olivia xx

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