lost and found

I am nearing the end of my travels through Montreal and Toronto, and a recurring thought has crossed my mind – we are a continual work-in-progress. I am, anyway. So, of course, I wrote it down. I hope you enjoy. xx

Realization. We don’t get lost once. It happens over and over and over. Almost like the same song on a loop, but each time it is played it gets slightly better and better.

We are always found. Again and again. In different ways. At different times.


We are always working to find ourselves. We experience little and big failures and then successes, digging deeper into the center of our soul each time.

Closer and closer to our core.

Realization. We don’t get there. There is never a moment when we are there for good. Only temporarily.


Our successes are little hints that we are on the right path. Our serendipitous moments happen all over the place. And the best thing about them is even though they are only moments, sometimes fleeting, we know they will happen again.


And again, and again.

Because that is what we do. We try and try and try.

And the moment we stop getting lost, is the moment we stop living.


Olivia xx

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