body love

Your body is a vessel. You have likely heard that saying before. Unknowingly, we feel so attached to our physical it becomes taken for granted. We express such gratitude for exterior items that provide us satisfaction, like our favorite food, a warm bath, a new car. Yet for many of us, the very object that is keeping us alive is hated and mistreated.

I am a victim of the same, but re-framing my thinking has helped me appreciate and care for my body more than before. Your body is a vessel for your mind. It allows you to see the world, interact with it, touch and feel it, smell it, taste it. Who are you to hate the very thing that allows you to be anything at all?

Suddenly, taking care of myself became less about looking the part and more about feeling the part. I make an effort to give my body what it needs because I am listening to the way it feels. owe my body that kind of compassion. 

Think of your body as your baby and love it tenderly.

Much love,

Olivia xx

PS – If you want more body positive talk, visit my lady @algeorge14 on Instagram ♥


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