the perfect lover

I see blog post after blog post about the perfect lover, littered with social expectations that should be an appropriate measure of how much they are or are not into you. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s talk.

First, would you consider yourself to be exactly the same as another person? Likely not. An article written by the intelligent mind of one human will not possibly fit your situation exactly.

It is actually quite soothing to think in the opposite direction. Your lover is not under any obligation to do anything for you or with you. They are an entity of their own. They do not belong to you. Rather, everything they do, they want to do. 

When they pour your favorite cup of coffee or tea in the morning, give you a goodnight kiss, send you a sweet text message, compliment or support you, it is because they love you.

And the gorgeous thing about this way of thinking is you don’t belong to them, either. A relationship is a choice. If we chain ourselves to the long list of responsibilities that come along with modern day monogamy, it becomes a chore.

Enjoy each other. Love one another. That is the point, after all.

Much love,

Olivia xx


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